Tips for creating Interactive Demos

I had a blast chatting with Natalie Marcotullio from Navattic last week about how we’re using Interactive demos at Klue.

Here are 3️⃣ quick things I’ve learned since working with their team.


1️⃣ Know the purpose and audience of your tour before your start

Before you start working on your tour, think about who the primary audience is and what you’re trying to accomplish.

The click-through nature of interactive demos makes it easy to think of them as onboarding tools. And they can be, if that's your objective.

But if you’re putting these tours on your website to convert buyers, remember that you are trying to SELL your product.

Treat it more like a demo vs a tour and focus on selling the value of your product. How it’s going to solve a problem for your buyer.


2️⃣ Reveal the ‘aha moments’

When building your demo, you don’t need to show every step in the process.

Make your demos quick by removing unnecessary steps and get to the exciting, aha moments as quickly as possible.


3️⃣ Start your tours with a storyboard

I start the process of creating each new interactive tour by storyboarding it, including things like:

  • The screen I plan to capture
  • How I want your message to appear (ie. pop-up modal, tooltip, etc.)
  • Elements I want highlighted on the screen
  • The copy I plan to use
  • My call to action

I’ve included a simple template you can use for this in the comments!

Click the link in the comments to see the full video of our conversation 👇

PS. If you have any questions about building interactive demos for your website, just shoot me a DM, I'm happy to help.