Threat Analysis

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Not all competitors are an equal threat. And we know this.

Here’s a way to visualize and share it with your executive team.

It’s called a Threat Analysis Report 👇

It’s a pretty simple report based on two variables:

1️⃣  The number of deals a competitor is involved in.

2️⃣. Your win rate against that competitor.

What you end up with is a visual representation of your largest competitive threats.

The competitors that show up in the majority of deals are the ones you need to prioritize, especially those that beat you most often.

But you also also want to avoid being blind-sided by emerging competitors.

Running this analysis quarterly (or more often depending on your deal volume) will also help you spot new and emerging competitors.

When it comes to competitive enablement, there is only so much time in the day. So being able to clearly see (and show) who your largest competitive threats are, will help you prioritize work that will have the highest impact and justify it to your executive team.

And Klue customers, don’t forget that you can leverage Salesforce data to create Threat Analysis Reports in Klue!

Shoot me a DM if you have any questions!

Learn more about our Salesforce integration here 👉