This is your top priority, not theirs

This is your top priority, not theirs

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October 24, 2023
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Product launches are your top priority

Not everyone else’s

Here are some tips to help your rally employees on launch day 🚀


If you want people to help spread the word on launch day, you need to make it easy for them.

That means → be specific with your ask and keep it top-of-mind for everyone.

I’ve seen success dropping a quick invite in everyone’s calendar on launch day and including a link to a document with example messaging and creative assets they can use in their post.


Lead by example. Be the first and loudest team member on social media.

If LinkedIn is where your customers hang out, make sure you spend time there on launch day. Engage in every employee post, leave comments, etc.

If you’re not doing it, how can you expect anyone else to.


Celebrate wins throughout the day, even the little ones.

It helps build momentum and keep everyone excited about the launch. All it takes is a quick note in Slack or giving a quick update in a company meeting.


Recognize people for doing their part.

Again, remember that this is your top priority, not everyone else’s. So shine light on people who who get great engagement on their post, using your new messaging in a call, get awesome customer feedback, etc.

It’s never easy to rally your employees on launch day.

But hopefully, if you apply these tips, you’ll have a better shot.

Good luck! 🙌

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