There is not just strategy, there is not just execution, it goes in waves

Some people think there are two classes of product marketers.

Strategic and tactical.

I think that’s wrong.

For most PMMs reading this, the reality is there are days when you’ll work on strategy and others when you need to execute.

There’s never going to be a day where you say “Ah. I made it. I’m a strategic PMM and I’m never going back.”

Even if you get to VP of Product Marketing.

Chances are you still have things about your job that are purely tactical.

I’d rather look at product marketing work as something that happens in waves.

There are times for strategic projects and planning.

♟ New pricing and packaging

♟ Re-positioning your product

♟ Identifying a new market segment for expansion

♟ Building internal process and connections between teams

But on many days (arguably most) it’s going to be tactical work:

✅ Planning the launch of a new feature

✅ Building or updating battlecards

✅ Creating a new landing page

✅ Running sales enablement on new messaging

✅ Supporting a rep on an important deal

✅ Conducting a win-loss interview

✅ And yes, building a sales deck

To think that these are any less “valuable” is wrong.

The best strategy is nothing without solid execution.

So for the average PMM reading this:

There are days for strategy and days for getting shit done.

You may feel like you're in the weeds, but think about how your work is helping bring the broader strategy to life.

And how it gives you context and understanding of the business to make you valuable in the next strategic initiative.

What do you think?