The Swipe Files Newsletter

I’m launching a newsletter called — The Swipe Files 🗃

5 new product marketing examples in your inbox each week.

Plus a free swipe file template 👇

If you’ve followed me for a minute, you know I love a good swipe file.

For anyone new to the concept — a Swipe File is a collection of examples and ideas to use as inspiration for future projects.

You know great product marketing examples when you see them:

💥 Copywriting

💥 product animations and graphics

💥 web pages

💥 slide decks and collateral

💥 launch campaigns

💥 even useful pmm concepts, frameworks, and templates

I’m constantly gathering cool examples, so I thought it would be fun to turn my hobby into a newsletter.

My goal is simple: to keep product marketers inspired with new examples and ideas.

Don’t have your own swipe file?

That part is totally optional, although I’d highly recommend starting one.

In fact…

I’ve created a simple guide and template you can use.

It’ll help you create your own free swipe file in Notion.

It’s actually the same system I use for mine!

The link in the comments has everything you need!

The first edition starts this Wednesday!

#productmarketing #pmm #inspiration



This page also include a template and guide for creating your own Swipe File.