The rest of your company doesn’t know that

Hey PMMs

You may think about product marketing every day,

But remember that no one else in your company does.

Your work on positioning, messaging, product launches, customer research, or competitive intelligence may seem mission critical to you.

But the reality is that every other team has their own stuff going on.

Their own projects, priorities, fires to put out.

My friend Yi Lin Pei recently said product marketing often needs to influence without authority. And it's so true.

So internal marketing becomes a critical part of the PMM role.

A fire you need to constantly be stoking if you want to be build a successful function.

For any founding PMMs building out the function from scratch, one great place to start is creating your PMM Charter.

A document you can use to define and communicate your team’s mission, areas of focus, and expected outcomes and deliverables.

I created a template based on the charter we used at Klue.

You can grab it here 👉 https://lnkd.in/gtaSxbrT