The “quality” of your case study videos doesn’t matter

Some of the best #casestudy videos I’ve seen (and created) have been awful production quality.

Does it matter?

I remember when the quality standard was much higher for the average case study video. You know the kind. They all looked like picture day at grade school.

They may have looked more professional, but they felt less genuine and took forever to create. By the time you hit publish, they were already outdated.

We’re capturing so many great conversations in tools like Zoom and Gong these days. Some of the best customer stories are captured when we’re not expecting them.

As long as you get customer approval, you can turn these into great videos in a couple of hours, not weeks.

Even as a solo product marketer, tools like Descript, ScreenFlow, even iMovie can help you produce great customer videos, quickly.

And the bad video resolution on Zoom, bedroom backdrops, and children screaming in the background — it just makes for content that feels more genuine and trustworthy.

I much prefer the new way. What about you?