The best competitive enablement programs are a team game

#productmarketing and #competitiveintelligence people, do you ever feel like you’re somehow failing at competitive enablement by not always being the FIRST to surface new intel about a competitor?

Don’t. I say this because I’ve been there.

The best competitive enablement programs are a team game. Your sales and CS reps are one of your most valuable sources of competitive intel. After all, they’re on the front lines every day talking to your buyer.

So stop worrying about sales reps dropping news and intel about a competitor in Slack before you.

❌ Your job isn’t to be an intel machine, pumping out news first and most often.

✅ Your job is to create an environment where everyone in your company can easily collaborate and contribute intel.

✅ To step back and add context to that intel. Explain why it matters.

✅ And enable your team with competitive insights and tools they can use to beat the competition.

It’s okay to not be first. Celebrate it and encourage your customer-facing teams to keep gathering and sharing.

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