Start tracking your competitive win rate

What’s one way to measure product marketing's impact on revenue?

Tip: Start tracking your competitive win rate 🥊

For most PMMs, a big part of your role is enabling sellers with messaging, guidance, and content. Things that help them #win competitive deals.

Knowing that, your competitive win rate becomes a focused metric you can use to measure the impact of your work. This is a key metric you can own (ie. your win rate against each of your primary competitors.)

If your reps are consistently tracking competitors on opportunities in Salesforce, then it should be a straightforward metric for you to capture.

You can also expand past win rate to also look at:

  • Sales cycle length - are you avoiding long competitive sales cycles?
  • Deal size - are you having to discount less in competitive deals?

The key is to measure trends over each quarter and see if your enablement efforts are moving the needle on competitive deals.

Of course, this isn't to say that these metrics are ONLY impacted by your work.

So for teams using Klue, our Impact Analysis Report can help you take it a step further to:

  • Combine competitive deal data in Salesforce with Klue usage data
  • Compare the key metrics highlighted here across reps that utilize your competitive content, vs those that don’t.

It'll not only help you prove your impact on revenue, but encourage sellers to use your content because you can show them how it's helping their peers.