Start branding your internal PMM projects

Hey #productmarketing people, start branding the internal projects you deliver consistently.

A branded project helps give people quick context. It tells them what to expect, communicates the value, the deliverables, what they need to do.

It also helps improve your #pmm team’s brand within your company. People will stop asking “what does Product Marketing do?” and more easily associate your team with delivering value.

Some examples:

  • Launch Package ➡ the enablement materials you provide around a launch.
  • Competitive Digest ➡️ a weekly email newsletter to share new competitive insights.
  • Win-Loss Deep Dive ➡️. a quarterly reviews of win-loss interviews and analysis.
  • Competitive Battlecards ➡️. an enablement tool for delivering digestible insights on how to win against competitors.

These don't need to be super creative names (although that'll get you bonus points). Just giving something *a name* makes it more concrete.

Allison Whaley talked about this recently at the PMM Summit in NYC and I loved it.

Are you branding your product marketing projects internally? If so, share them in the comments.

Would love some more ideas.