Solo PMM to Founding PMM

Solo PMM to Founding PMM

Are you the only product marketer at your company?

Do you consider yourself a solo PMM or a founding PMM?

Two similar words, two very different mindsets.

Earlier in my career, I thought of myself as a solo PMM.

I was, after all, the only person on the team.

I was the primary person responsible for:

Crafting our messaging

Managing the website

Writing case studies

Building battlecards

Executing launches

Creating collateral

Analyst relations

Market research

Enabling sales

The list went on.

The problem was that I always focused the next piece of ‘work’ to be done.

Not building a function.

Respond to this request.

Launch this feature.

Build this resource.

Finish this project.

It was when I started thinking of myself as a founding PMM that things started to shift.

I thought, “hey, I’ve got an opportunity to really build something here. An strategic function within this company.”

It took me from doing the work to determining how the work should be done.

Building systems and processes that allowed us to scale the team and our company.

It’s a simple mindset shift, but it gets you thinking like an entrepreneur within your own company. And that made the job way more exciting.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a team of one to think this way.

Anyone can bring a founder mindset into their product marketing role.

Whether you’re a team of one, 10, or 100.

So what are you?

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