Slide Tip: Using Distribute and Align in Google Slides

Published Date
May 18, 2022
AI custom autofill
Created time
May 10, 2022 10:05 AM

A quick tip for anyone looking to perfectly space logos (or really anything) in Google Slides.

Use the Distribute and Align tools 🛠 👇

Start by clicking on “Arrange” in the toolbar.

📐 Align → this is similar to the Text Align tool we all know and love, but it’s for aligning multiple elements at one, not just text. In the case shown here we wanted everything centered horizontally.

📏 Distribute → This is a handy tool for evenly spacing out elements on your slide. Just place one one on either far end and it’ll handle evenly distributing the rest in-between.

Together, these tools can save you some tedious work!

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