Slack Competitor Quick Find

BIG news for any teams using Klue and Slack!

You can now use the /Klue command to access competitive insights right within Slack 🎉

What does that mean?

⬇️ Less jumping between tools to find answers

⬇️ Less time wasted on context switching

⬇️ Fewer ad hoc requests for you to manage

A huge part of enablement is bringing answers to the tools people already use.

Like Slack.

Employees are spending roughly 9 hours in there each day.

And if they have questions about a competitor, they don’t want to leave to find them.

The easiest thing is to just ask you, which adds to the dozens of requests on your plate, making it impossible to get anything done. 👎

Or worse, they wing it and go off some outdated information that ultimately looses them a deal. 👎

But, with the latest addition to Klue's Slack Integration, it’s easier than ever to get them the answers they need, all within Slack.

It’s called Competitor Quick Find and it’s not only going to save you time responding to questions, it’s going to remove them altogether by making it easy for reps to find answers themselves without leaving Slack.

For example, say a rep is:

Responding to an email and needs the latest objection handling tips for Acme.

🔎 /Klue Acme

Hopping on a pricing call and needs the latest Dunder MIfflin pricing.

🔎 /Klue Dunder Mifflin

Preparing for a demo and needs the latest “Why we win” messaging for Pied Piper.

🔎 /Klue Pied Piper

In seconds they have the answers they need.

And for reps that need that extra nudge, you can now quickly respond in channels and threads with the exact Klue Card they need.

It not only makes it easier for you to respond without leaving Slack, but reinforces Klue and reminds reps how to find the answers themselves.

Want to give it a try?

Link in the comments will take you to our release post with an interactive tour👇

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Get the full scoop here 👉 https://hubs.la/Q01GVVby0



Get the full scoop here 👉 https://hubs.la/Q01GVVby0