Skimmers, Dippers, and Divers

Creating or updating your website?

Remember these three words 👉 Skimmers, Dippers, and Divers

I first heard about this concept last week — it's a way to think about the different types of website visitors and how they engage with your content.

👀 Skimmers move fast, barely scratching the surface of your content. They read headings, bullets, and key stats and quickly make a decision on how to move forward.

That’s why Product Overview pages exist, for example.

Also why headings need to be more than just catchy. Skimmers need them to be informative.

🥽 Dippers dig a bit deeper. They may read some of your sub-content, watch videos, or click on a deeper page.

🤿 Divers look to consume everything. They read all of the content on your landing page, watch any available video, and visit multiple other pages.

This was a reality check for me. Not only are there different buyer personas that land on your website, but people are also different in the way they consume information.

This simple concept really clicked for me, so hopefully, it’s helpful for you!


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Shout out to our friends at The Vacuum for teaching me this over the last couple of weeks. 🙏