Share your works-in-progress early and often

Product marketers, don’t work on projects in a vacuum

Share works-in-progress early and often

It can help in a number of ways:

📥 Solicits early feedback

If this project is servicing other parts of the org, you want to make sure you’re on the right track. You can make adjustments, pivot to avoid creating something that completely misses the mark, or get ideas to improve it.

🔭 Gives visibility into what’s coming

Especially with large projects, sharing at key milestones can help show progress and avoid constant questions around “when is this coming?”

🚨 Helps avoid duplicate work

We’ve all worked on projects only to hear that someone in another department was doing the exact same thing. This reduces that.

⚡️ Builds momentum

When you’re working on a series of large projects, it can sometimes feel like you never get a chance to celebrate a win. Sharing at key milestones can help create those smaller wins and keep you motivated.

At Klue, we have a weekly company-wide meeting called “Show Don’t Tell” that’s specifically meant for this purpose.

But there’s also:

  • Our weekly marketing team meeting where we make space for brainstorm sessions or sharing projects
  • Our weekly product marketing team meeting
  • Cross-functional stakeholder meetings
  • Our general #marketing updates Slack channel (or plenty of others)

It won’t take long to create a list of places where you can share things you’re working on. There are likely more than you think.

My personal goal is to share one work-in-progress every week for the remainder of the year.

Hopefully, this is the reminder you needed. Let me know what you think.

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