Share your work early and often

Product marketers, don’t work on projects in a vacuum.

Share your MVPs (minimum viable projects) early and often.

Here's why 👇

➡️ It points you in the right direction early

➡️ Pools together the combined experience of your team

➡️ Provides a regular drip of progress

➡️ Prevents people from doing unnecessary work

➡️ Provides a forcing function to get stuff moving

➡️ Makes each day feel successful and exciting 🎉

At Klue, we had a weekly company-wide meeting specifically meant for this called — “Show Don’t Tell”

But for you, the best place might be a weekly meeting with your marketing team or other departments you work with. It could even be a #productmarketing Slack channel.

It won’t take long to create a list of places to share what you’re working on.

There are likely more than you think!