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One of my favourite forms of #productmarketing on LinkedIn is the quick product animation.

I’m not talking about an animated “explainer video,” but a quick (30-seconds or less) gif/video that shows your product in action.

No sound necessary because it quickly distills your new product or feature down to a few frames someone can watch as they scroll through LinkedIn.

In the body of your post you can choose to include any of the following:

The story around why you built this

Who it’s for

The problem it solves or value it provides

Possible use cases for it, so your buyers can picture themselves using it

I want to pull together a bunch of great examples, so we can all learn from them.

I’ve started by sharing a few of my recent favs in the comments.

Please share your favourites and help make this post a great resource for everyone 🙌

Here’s a great example from Slack. The animation is the perfect blend of abstract and true to the Slack experience. The copy in the post is focused on use cases for their new audio and video clips feature, so I can quickly identify some ways I can start using this immediately. I also personally like that they call our “New feature alert.”

I like this example from Miro how this new release gives them a way to remind us of their Asana integration, while also focusing on the value of their new feature “giving context to collaborators and keeping all project documentation in one place.”

Really love this example from Scratchpad. The animation is a real screen capture with some simple transitions added in, so I’d assume a lot quicker to create. It also quickly shows *how* to use the feature, which makes it great for repurposing in things like customer emails. I also love the story that the co-founder Pouyan provides in the body of the post.

A great example from Figma, tied to a specific use case for their platform — resume building. It also highlights their community and the fact that you can access free templates.

This one from Notion has layers, that’s for sure. It’s a little longer (about a minute) but it’s part of their Notion Stories series. In this case they’re walking the audience through the journey of using their platform to find a job, move to a new city, and begin working with their team, all in Notion. My explanation doesn’t do it justice you just need to watch it. The fact that they can tell a story like this without any words is incredible. “A place for small steps. And giant leaps 📦✈️”