Share your favorite product animation videos

One of my favorite forms of #productmarketing on LinkedIn is the quick product animation.

I’m not talking about an animated “explainer video,” but a quick (30-seconds or less) gif/video that shows your product in action.

No sound necessary because it quickly distills your new product or feature down to a few frames someone can watch as they scroll through LinkedIn.

In the body of your post you can choose to include any of the following:

📘 The story around why you built this

🙋🏽‍♀️ Who it’s for

✅ The problem it solves or value it provides

🛠 Possible use cases for it, so your buyers can picture themselves using it

I want to pull together a bunch of great examples, so we can all learn from them.

I’ve started by sharing a few of my recent favs in the comments.

Please share your favorites. Let's make this post a great resource for everyone 🙌

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