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Share my Marchitect Video

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June 20, 2023
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How do you get sales rep buy-in on new messaging

Or really anything for that matter?

Involve them in the process!

Alan and Rowan let me weigh in on some important sales alignment questions for the latest edition of The Marchitect newsletter. You can watch them here 👉

I’ve seen too many product marketers make the mistake of creating messaging in a silo and wonder why no reps actually adopt it.

My advice here is really simple.

Involve a couple of sales reps in the process.

Ideally ones that have some influence on the team.

There are two big benefits:

1) They’ll help you make it better. They’re on call every day and can give you valuable feedback from actually buyers. They also often have their own talk tracks or ways of explaining your product that you’ve never heard, but actually work.

2) They’ll advocate for it. When the time comes to roll it out across the team, they’l be your biggest promoters. They’ll encourage other reps to use it and talk about their experience testing it with buyers.

So the next time you’re working on some messaging, loop in even one of your trusted sales reps for their input.