Say it straight, then say it great

Say it straight, then say it great

Published Date
June 26, 2023
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“First, say it straight. then say it great.”

This is a mantra every product marketer should know.

It’s a simple way to separate MESSAGING from COPYWRITING.

Luke Sullivan wrote about this in his book “Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”

He said:

“to get the words flowing, sometimes it helps to simply write out what you want to say. Make it memorable, different, or new LATER. First, just say it.”

That sounds a lot like MESSAGING. As a product marketer, your job above all else, is to say it straight.

You need to explain:

  • Who your product is for
  • What problem it solves
  • What it is / does
  • It’s benefits
  • Why it’s better than alternatives

In a clear, easy to understand way.

Luke Sullivan was a copywriter and his book was written for copywriters, but I personally learn a lot from studying the art of copywriting.

And great copywriting starts with knowing what you’re trying to say.

So the next time you’re working on messaging for a new launch, remember to first, say it straight. The great stuff will come later. Maybe from you, maybe from someone else.

Luke suggested that copywriters should start by writing “This is an ad about…” in order to get their straight messaging down on paper.

So try starting with something like “This is a campaign about…” or “This launch is about…”

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