RFL Episode 4

RFL Episode 4

Published Date
April 4, 2024
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Apr 4, 2024 4:44 AM

3 of the most iconic product launches of the 20th century.

And none of them have to do with B2B SaaS.

Episode 4 of Ready for Launch is now live! 🚀

In this episode — Andy, Tamara, and I are talking about our favourite pre-internet lunches 💾

Are they SaaS companies? NO

Are they recent launches? NO

Are they B2B products? NO

Are they world-class launches with practical lessons you can apply today? ABSOLUTELY ✅

Check out today's episode (linked in the comments)

🚨 THEN head over to Tamara’s post to vote for your favourite:

1️⃣ Jordan 1s, presented by myself

2️⃣ MICHELIN Guide, presented by Andy

3️⃣ De Beers Diamond Ring, presented by Tamara

As always, a huge thanks to The Compete Network powered by Klue for their help putting this awesome show together.