Ready for Launch Ep7

Ready for Launch Ep7

Published Date
May 15, 2024
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May 15, 2024 9:41 PM

Some launch videos absolutely NAIL it 💪

Some loose interest in seconds 🥱

In this episode of Ready For Launch, we explain why

Tamara, Andy, and I break down three of our favourite launch videos and explore what makes a winner. You know, the kind that have people lining up to buy your product.

Andy’s Pick → The Feastables Relaunch

Tamara’s Pick → Descript’s Product Explainer

My Pick → Capsule’s AI Audio Launch

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Then vote for your favorite launch video using the poll below and help decide the people’s champ 🏆

Be sure to save this one for inspiration when you’re working on your next launch. And a big thanks to The Compete Network powered by Klue for helping bring this episode to life 🙏

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Poll Copy:

What was the best launch video?

The Feastables Relaunch (Andy)

Descript’s Product Explainer (Tamara)

Capsule’s AI Audio Launch (Jason)