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Here’s the recording -

Last week I was a panelist with Peep Laja, Rachel Lambert, and Pulkit Agrawal on a webinar talking about current trends in Product Marketing.

How has the job of a product marketer changed recently?


Product marketing is no longer just reactive — we made a product, now launch it!

It’s becoming more proactive.

People are starting to see pmm as the glue that sits in-between product, sales, and marketing.

And starting to focus more on the full funnel.

Less feature announcements and sales pitch decks, and more shaping a product narrative.

When a pmm can get involved early with product to shape how a new feature can support our strategic narrative.

The pmm role should be factoring into product roadmapping and decision making


Not just about bringing product to market, but bringing market back into product.


Move past being a deck monkey

Become more strategic by getting closer to strategy, which means determining where do we play, which market segments, and how/why we will win?

Positioning, messaging, more strategic questions that typically a CEO has handled.

As PMM starts to take more of it on it becomes more strategically important

Product marketing also doesn’t own any metrics


How do you set priorities?

  • Charter document

How do you set metrics?

  • Influenced revenue via deal support
  • Klue’s impact analysis
  • Sales confidence


Your website is at the center of. how your generate revenue

If pmm owns the copy, owns the webist, then its going to own a big part of the pipeline

You first need to decide on the size of the co-created pie

Your conversion rate is 80% based on words, messaging, which if product marketing creates, you can take credit for.


As you make your way into the product with user onboarding, it should be influenced by product marketing more than anything else.

As folks go into your product they haven’t made a decision their still evaluating the product

It’s almost like a new phase in the buyer journey

And often a lot of the strategic messaging on the website has vanished

There’s nothing about value, case studies, credibility, testimonials — its all about how you take actions

Ask the question is a user stuck because they don’t understand how to do something? Or are they demotivated and they see the time investment as too high because they don’t see the value.

It’s not just about how easy something is to do, its about how motivated you are to do it. So it’s not just about showing people how easy it is to use something itn your product, it’s about driving up their motivation and that’s really where product marketing can get more involved.

So, how can product marketing own the copy on the website but also the in-app product experiences.

How many apps have we signed up for and they forgotten about?

Here’s the recording -