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August 5, 2022
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We surveyed #productmarketers from around the globe

Here’s what we learned about their competitive landscapes 👇

📣  83% say their competitive landscape has become more crowded in the last year.

💪  88% also believe that the competition has gotten stronger.

⚖️  53% reported being directly evaluated against a competitor in over 50% of deals.

Every market is becoming more competitive, but most companies are not effectively enabling their teams to compete 👇

👎 On a scale of 1-10, product marketers rated themselves an average of 4.6 on their ability to distribute competitive content to their sales team

🙁  and a 5.1 on their sales team’s confidence in that content,

😖 all leading to a 5.8 in rep confidence when it comes to responding to competitors in deals.

If you believe the stats above, there’s a clear opportunity for companies that can effectively enable their organization to compete — and trouble for those that don’t.

Join Brandon Bedford and the Product Marketing Alliance next Wednesday @ 12pm ET to learn more about the State of Competitive Enablement in 2022.

Brandon will dive deeper into our findings, what that means for your organization, and more 💪

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