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February 8, 2023
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Feb 7, 2023 3:22 PM

Starting a new project from scratch can be overwhelming.

To help, I’m breaking down some common PMM projects.

Starting with creating a Competitive Comparison Page. 👇

In our podcast, Compared to What, Federico Jorge and I covered this topic in detail. I’ve turned that learning into a project template.

Whether you’re working on this in-house, or outsourcing to an agency like Stack Against, here’s how you can approach it.

1️⃣ Define Objectives and KPIs

Generating high-intent leads? Creating an asset your reps can use to deposition competitors? A combination of both?

Clearly defining your goals can help later when making choices about page design and distribution.

2️⃣ Choose Your Competitor

Perform competitive research to determine which alternative your page should focus on.

Three variables to consider:

  • Threat Level - who are you losing to most often?
  • Brand Presence - who's the most well-known in your space?
  • SEO Opportunity - who generates the most SEO traffic you can steal?

3️⃣ Positioning Research

Pull together positioning and messaging for your creative brief.

Look for:

  • 1-2 sentences describing your positioning
  • Strengths compared to this competitor (ie. differentiators)
  • Unique value your differentiators unlock for your buyer

4️⃣ Creative Brief

Whether this page is created in-house or outsourced, this step is important for gathering all of the necessary information and assets you’ll need.

Include things like:

  • Tone / Voice
  • Page Theme - the key message you want buyers to remember
  • Differentiators & enabled value
  • Customer logos and media
  • Testimonials
  • Feature comparisons

5️⃣ Copywriting

Pass your creative brief to a copywriter (this may be you).

Some quick tips:

  • Have one top-level theme, supported throughout
  • Optimize for humans, then SEO
  • Focus on your target audience. Always be qualifying
  • Use social proof to remove bias
  • Use comparison tables in context

6️⃣ Design

Pass your brief to a designer to create an attention-grabbing page.

Don't rethink the comparison page. Focus on delivering a clear message, not wowing buyers with a flashy design.

In the comments you'll find a swipe file of my favourite comparison pages for inspiration 👇

7️⃣ Development

Pass the design to a developer to get your page live. Focus on usability, SEO, and mobile performance.

These pages are ideal for attracting high-intent traffic. People who are searching for alternatives to “X” are showing clear signs of purchasing intent.

8️⃣ Distribution

This step is often overlooked - getting your page in front of buyers!

Some tactics to consider:

  • Link it in your website footer
  • Launch a welcome bar
  • Link across relevant pages and blog content
  • Launch Google ads for competitive keywords
  • Promote on organic social
  • Add to your battlecards
  • Share internally on Slack/Teams

That’s it!

Hope you found this post helpful. Grab the free template in the comments 👇

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P.S. This, along with other common PMM project templates are also included in the PMM Productivity Hub. A Notion template I’ve created to help product marketers increase their productivity and do more with less ⚡️

Learn more here 👉  productivepmm.com

Grab the free project template here 👉  https://jasonoakley.notion.site/Competitive-Comparison-Page-Project-Template-eafd2bbf851b4d57be9c90058e2cb353