Polyweb podcast - Launch a product that sells itself

Polyweb podcast - Launch a product that sells itself

Published Date
November 30, 2023
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Where do a lot of product launches fall flat?

They don’t get specific enough about their audience.

In our product launch course Tamara Grominsky shared a great play on a quote by Jamie Turner:

“The only way to win at content marketing product launch is for the reader customer to say, ‘This was written built specifically for me.”

When you’re working on your next product launch, you’ll often feel the pressure to target a broad audience. Multiple ICPs in one.

But all that does is dilute your message. Making it more vague and less effective at capturing the attention of your true ideal customer in the market and getting them to take action.

I had a blast chatting about this, and a bunch of other launch-related topics with Sara on the ___ podcast.

A big shout out to Sara. Her show is awesome. This was one of the most in-depth podcast recordings I’ve ever been involved in.

She let me share a bunch of practical examples and resources, which hopefully help bring these concepts to life.

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