PMM Summit SF 2023 - Takeaways

PMM Summit SF 2023 - Takeaways

Published Date
September 25, 2023
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That’s a wrap on the PMM Summit in SF 👋

SO fun spending 2 days with so many incredible product marketers.

If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of my favourite takeaways:


Apparently there are 6 million marketers in the world and 116,000 (2%) are PMMs. Also, 1 in every 5 is a solo PMM 💪

⚡️Harvey Lee ⚡️


How to write messaging for humans:

  • Translate it - don’t use abstract language.
  • Keep it real - Connect with their emotions and stand out.
  • Loosen the tie - Say it like they would at a bbq.

Emma Stratton 👊


Category design starts with marketing the problem. Winners are the ones that best market the problem and the solution. Also, a new category needs a NEW problem that has not yet been defined.

Tamara Grominsky


Buying is hard. That’s why 40% of deals end in no decision. Your pitch shouldn’t be a wind tunnel of features. Give buyers a unique market perspective and help them understand and navigate alternatives.

April Dunford


Nailing your positioning is equal parts art 🎨 and science 🔬 Sometimes you need to throw away the process.

Julien Sauvage


What’s one simple way to separate sales-led from PLG? Monetization. With sales-led you are buying, then experiencing value. In PLG it’s the opposite.

Madison Leonard


65-70% of the buyer journey happens before talking to sales. Your website needs to be one of your best reps.

Abhishek Anbazhagan


Look to build a shared understanding of what PMM and Sales Enablement care about, own, and where they overlap. Ex. Developing new messaging vs driving behaviour change across the sales team.

Julian Clarke

Renat Gersch

, and

⚡️Harvey Lee


What can giving walking tours teach us about selling?

  • Know how they found you
  • Hear where they’re coming from
  • Clear expectations of what’s to come

Zach Roberts


Bees account for 80% of all global pollination. Why? Because they are uniquely capable of spotting pollen in a sea of flowers that look exactly the same. As PMMs, we need to act like bees. Spot overlaps between a customer's problem and our solution.

Dana Wolfe

Gabrielle Tenaglia

Maniesh Joshi

, and

Jen Brown


The "French Fry Theory" sums up why most marketers take on way to much — “You always have room for me one more fry. You can always do one more thing.”

Charlene Wang


A simple framework for launch port-mortems — what should you START doing, CONTINUE doing, and STOP doing on future launches.

Meenal Relekar


Everyone is not your customer. When defining your ideal customer profile. GET SPECIFIC 🎯

Chandra Patel


Like great products, great ideas don’t sell themselves. When selling ideas internally — know your audience, know what they care about, speak their language, and talk about the benefits and values it will have for them.

Dave Prager

A huge thanks to the

Product Marketing Alliance

for hosting this event and building such an amazing community of talented PMMS.

See you in December in Toronto!