PMM Files episodes are now live

PMM Files episodes are now live

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November 24, 2023
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Looking for inspiration to fuel your product marketing work?

You can now watch every episode of PMM Files on the The Compete Network!

I started the PMM Files newsletter because I wanted to give product marketers a source of practical examples that could inspire their work and teach them core PMM concepts.

A few months in, my pals at Klue asked if I wanted to create a video version. And so the PMM Files show was born.

We’re only 7 episodes in, but the feedback so far has been awesome πŸ™

Thanks to everyone that continues to support the show, especially the awesome team at Klue who not only help me produce each episode, but distribute it.

You can now watch every episode of PMM Files on The Compete Network.

Along with dozens of other shows, podcasts, newsletter, and resources on the topics of product marketing, GTM, and how to compete in today's ultra-competitive tech ecosystem. πŸ’‘πŸŽ§

Check it out here β†’

And don’t forget!

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