PMM Files Episode 8

PMM Files Episode 8

Published Date
December 6, 2023
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Welcome to the 8th episode of PMM Files πŸ—‚οΈ

Three cool product marketing examples in roughly 3 mins ⏱️

Let’s go!

In this episode:


Everyone is talking about this Solo Stove campaign featuring Snoop Dogg. But the best part β†’ it all focuses on their unique differentiator.


Stripe creates a microsite showing live data on all transactions processed through their platform between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A next-level example of social proof.


In the span of 24 hours, millions of people saw a Stanley product demo that was, literally, fire.


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A big thanks to The Compete Network powered by Klue for helping me produce this πŸ™Œ

See you on the next one!

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