PMM Coaching Program

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June 12, 2023
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Hey founding PMMs 👋

I’m launching a new coaching program specifically for you.

Keep reading to see if it’s the right fit 👇

Building a product marketing function from scratch is hard.

➡️ It’s a lonely job without a lot of guidance

➡️ You have limited resources

➡️ A broad range of poorly defined areas to cover

➡️ Random requests from every direction

➡️ Nobody understands what you do

➡️ There are dozens of competing priorities

Plus, there's a constant fear of becoming a purely reactive function with little impact.

That’s why I’m launching the PMM Accelerator.

A coaching program focused on helping founding PMMs build a product marketing function that drives impact and propels their career forward.

You'll get:

➡️ A thinking partner you can turn to for ideas, feedback, and support

➡️ Access to helpful tools, frameworks, and resources

➡️ Advice on how to prioritize and work better cross-functionally

➡️ Systems to keep you organized, productive, and focused

So that you can:

➡️ Hit the ground running and avoid common mistakes

➡️ Produce great work without burning out

➡️ Foster strong cross-functional relationships and credibility

➡️ Build a high-impact PMM function

Ultimately, my goal is to make your job easier, more impactful, and a little less lonely 🙌

Here’s how it works:

📞 Weekly or Monthly Coaching Calls

Video calls that can focus on a wide range of topics, including system and process building, project planning, PMM strategy, overcoming challenges, etc.

💬 Direct async chat over Slack

Between calls we can share ideas, review work, ask questions, and improve. Think of me as an experienced PMM in your pocket.

🧰 Templates and Frameworks

You’ll have access to my collection of templates and resources to help you boost your productivity and produce great work. That includes the PMM Productivity Hub.

To learn more:

➡️ Go to 👉 ProductivePMM (dot) com/coaching

➡️ Or just shoot me a DM

I’m only looking to take on a max of 10 PMMs at any given time, so spots are limited.

Excited to chat!

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