PML Podcast - PMM Files Episode

PML Podcast - PMM Files Episode

Published Date
May 10, 2024
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May 10, 2024 1:02 AM

Blank page syndrome 😰

A common affliction for PMMs

Give yourself a break. Creativity is not a superpower that comes from nowhere.

As PMMs we’re often expected to do creative things:

  • Plan launch campaigns
  • Write copy
  • Design slides
  • Wireframe pages and content
  • the list goes on…

Starting from scratch every time is a fools errand.

Creativity naturally comes from the process of collecting, organizing, and when the time comes, recalling the ideas of others.

In other words, surrounding yourself with great ideas, examples, and inspiration can be your shortcut to creating great work.

That’s why I try to save everything. I take lots of notes. I've created a big swipe file.

It’s also what lead me to create my newsletter, PMM Files and work on the Ready For Launch podcast.

I love talking about cool PMM examples.

So I was pumped when Collin invited Aubrey and I to chat about a few of our favourite examples on the Product Marketing Life podcast.

Watch the full episode here, it’s a fun one! →

And as a BONUS, we also share our process for how we manage our own swipe file for PMM files.

Drop a comment below and I’ll even send you my Swipe File template for free!

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