PMC Podcast Recap - How to position to WIN

Last week, I had the chance to co-host an episode of the Marchitect Podcast with Rowan Noronha, Jam Khan, Julien Sauvage and Jarod Greene.

The topic? How companies position to #WIN.

One of the topics in the WIN framework is understanding who to serve, and I thought this comment from Jam was really interesting. 👇

“I think personas are very necessary but we tend to get too obsessed with them in product marketing. I like to think about our story in terms of value-based outcomes, and there’s a finite number of outcomes that our solution is always going to talk about.”

“Where personas come in handy is making sure that you’re speaking a language that’s relatable to the person that you’re talking to. So your story may not change, but a person in marketing operations is going to have a certain set of language that they best respond to, which is very different from when you talk to somebody in sales. Tailoring the same outcomes to the language the person is using is important.”

I love the thought that not every persona needs to have a unique set of value-based outcomes, but they can think about it differently and use different words to describe it.

What do you think?

Check out the full episode in the comments👇 and thanks to Rowan and the Product Marketing Community for having me!