Our process for creating interactive product tours at Klue

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This year our #productmarketing team started using interactive product demos.

Here’s our simple process for creating them

But first - why interactive product demos?

For us it boils down to wanting our buyers to be able to experience our product before buying it or needing to schedule a demo:

In a sales led go to market, interactive product demos are a great way to make out buyer experience more product led

We want to deliver value a lot quicker

Let people experience our product without having to speak to sales

Get behind the wheel and see if this is the right kind of tool for them

In a sales led motion, product are typically not designed to deliver a product led motion, but for product marketers a great tool for doing this is interactive product demos.

Let people take it for a spin.

One new piece tool our product marketing team has started using is interactive product demos.

One new tool we started using in 2022 was Interactive product tours.

We’re using them in a few different ways:

  • on product pages
  • Ob feature announcements

Hey @Mark Huber, I’d break it down like this:

  • 15 mins to sit down and think about the flow. Will usually just create a bulleted list of the steps, although I know the Navattic team has a handy planner spreadsheet.
  • ~1 hour to grab the captures and build a rough first pass of the tour. Not thinking a lot about the copy, but getting something in there.
  • I’d then share with someone on the team to get their thoughts of the flow.
  • Then another hour to go back over and polish up the transitions, anchors, copy etc.
  • If there aren’t any issues, that’s about it, but if you run into any hiccups with anchoring or anything like that it’ll take time to troubleshoot.

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