New Klue features that help multi-curator teams work better together

Are you one of multiple analysts in your company reviewing competitive Intel in Klue?

If so, check this out ๐Ÿ‘‡

Klue now shows you when someone has already taken action on an alert.

This comes in handy when you hop into your Working folder, ready to take action on Intel thatโ€™s been flagged as Important or Interesting.

No more stepping on toes or wasting time processing the same intel.

Just focus on analyzing the alerts you care about, adding context, and distribution insights across your company.

And to make life even easier, weโ€™ve also added a simple toggle that allows you to focus only on alerts youโ€™ve processed.

Just a couple of the ways Klue is making competitive enablement easier for larger organizations with multiple competitive analysts.

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