My journey becoming a product marketer - Podcast w/ Al Dea

Published Date
February 22, 2022
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I got my start in #productmarketing when Randy Frisch asked me to take on the role at Uberflip.

Since that moment, it’s been a constant journey of learning the profession every day.

I’m sure most product marketers have felt this — every now and then you have a moment when you realize your understanding of the job is clearer than it was the day before. It’s a cool feeling.

That's why I was pumped to join Al Dea on the Product Marketing Careers podcast to talk about my journey becoming a #productmarketer.

And when he asked me what my greatest accomplishment has been to date, my answer was easy — having the chance to pay it forward and give eight product marketers the same opportunity I had. 💪

If you’re interested in listening to the episode, the link is in the comments.#pmm #careergrowth #careerjourney