Motion frames their value prop as giving you an extra month in the year

At a time when efficiency is king, it seems like everyone is trying to say how their platform will “save you time.”

A great move by Motion App to quantify how many days on average they save their customers each year — 30.3 days.

But even better to frame it as adding an EXTRA MONTH to your year.

And it’s not an extra month to get more work done.

As a product-led platform they speak directly to the individual user who wants more time to focus on the things they care about, like:

🚀 launching a side hustle

🏋️‍♂️  going to the gym

🛌 sleeping more

🏖 taking a vacation

Don’t just quantify the time you’ll give your buyers back.

Get them thinking about all the great things they’ll do with it.

Some fantastic copywriting on their homepage, definitely check it out.


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