Ways you can measure impact on revenue from PMM

How do you measure the impact of #productmarketing?

I've wrestled with this question many times.

Here are 8 techniques you can try 👇

1️⃣ Competitive win-rate

Are you responsible for enabling your sales team with competitive messaging, talk tracks, battlecards, and insights around your competitors?

Start measuring win rates on competitive deals and how those trend over time. Pilot new content and battlecards with a subset of reps and compare their performance against the average.

2️⃣ Content influence on deals

Are you creating bottom-of-funnel content like case studies, ROI calculators, maturity models, and business cases?

Track how many converted customers are engaging with those assets. Content attribution is hard, but knowing how many deals your content influenced is much easier.

3️⃣ Influenced revenue from reference calls

Are you facilitating customer references for late-stage sales opportunities?

Capture those calls in your CRM so they're attached to each deal, allowing you to pull a report and measure influenced revenue.

Compare close rates, deal size, and deal duration across deals that involved a reference vs those that didn't.

4️⃣ Influenced revenue from deal support

Are you helping reps strategize on deals, hopping on high-stakes calls, and creating custom content for prospects?

Start capturing deal support in your CRM with a dedicated opportunity field.

You’ll then be able to pull a report and measure influenced revenue, close rates, deal size, and deal duration across deals you’ve supported.

5️⃣ Product web page performance

Do you own your company's website? Or heavily influence key pages like your homepage, product and solution pages, etc?

Report on signups, demos, and revenue sourced from these pages. Closely measure engagement metrics as well to better understand how they resonate with buyers. ie. time on page, pages per visit, scroll depth. You can also use a tool like Wynter to gather qualitative feedback on messaging.

6️⃣ Influenced revenue from release campaigns

Launching a new feature?

Look at signups or demos booked directly from new landing pages or content.

You can also look at existing opportunities and customers to see whether they advanced in your funnel or upgraded after engaging with content around your release.

7️⃣ "How did you hear about us" field for new opportunities

This is a simple addition your can make to your lead capture forms. If there are key marketing pieces you’ve worked on, add those to the dropdown to help track what new signups or opportunities you helped generate.

8️⃣ Win/Loss interviews - "what influenced your decision?”

Win-loss interviews are a great window into better understanding your influence. Asking buyers how they first heard of your company, what content they used, and also whether analysts like Gartner or Forrester factored into their decision can all help you attribute your work to revenue.

What did I miss? Add it to the comments below!

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