Make it easier for employees to share product announcements on LinkedIn

Are you asking employees to share product announcements on LinkedIn?

Here’s one LinkedIn feature that can make their lives easier.

So more people actually do it 👇

There are loads of benefits to having your employees rally around product announcements on LinkedIn.

BUT, one challenge is making it easy for people to write and share a post.

If they have to stare at a blank screen and try to come up with something unique or clever, the chances of them posting go way down.

🤔 📉

Along with creating your own internal messaging guide, one great step is arming them with sample posts they can use as inspiration.

LinkedIn has made this super easy with their “Recommendation” feature on company pages.

It makes it easy for employees to duplicate company posts, edit the content and make it their own before posting.

The result 👉  it’s way easier for them to post, so more people do!

So for your next release, do this:

  • Get admin access to your corporate LinkedIn page (or get help from someone who does)
  • Under the "Content" dropdown select "Recommend to employees"
  • Compose a new LinkedIn post and click "Recommend"
  • Repeat for every sample post you want to share internally

You employees can then do this:

  • Go to your corporate LinkedIn Page and click on the "My Company" tab
  • Scroll down to "Recommendations from [Your Company]"
  • Click "Start a Post"
  • Edit the post to make it their own and click "Post"

That's it!

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