Make it clear you’re looking for a founding PMM

Make it clear you’re looking for a founding PMM

Published Date
January 2, 2024
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Jan 2, 2024 1:32 AM

Over 3 months I’ve spotted 154 open positions for founding PMMs.

And I know that barely scratches the surface.

Here’s one piece of advice for founders and heads of marketing…

Tell people it’s a founding PMM position!

If you don’t outright call it that, at least say:

“We’re looking for our first product marketer”

“You’ll have the opportunity to build the function from scratch”

Something like that.



The first reason is that it’s a draw. Many talented PMMs are looking for the chance to build a team.


Second is that it helps you differentiate the role. You might not be able to compete on salary. But this type of role can allow PMMs to gain experience and level-up quickly


Third is that it makes it easier for the wrong people to opt out. Founding PMM roles are often a lot of work and require a player/coach attitude. Some people are not looking for that type of role, which is fine. Better weed them out now than waste your time.

So if you’re looking for a founding PMM — make it obvious!

And let me know. I’ll add it to my job board :)