Loom’s weekly review email

When churn is on the rise 📈

It’s emails like this that keep customers around.

What you’re looking at is the ‘Your Monthly Loom Review’ email from Loom.

It’s an awesome example of how to constantly remind users about the value they’re getting from your product.

One look at Loom’s homepage and you can clearly understand their value prop — eliminate meetings and save time with asynchronous video.

Then what do they do every month?

They follow it up with a monthly review email that tells users:

👉 How many meetings you eliminated

👉 How many hours you saved

👉 How many people you connected with

It looks like their Insights Hub is still in beta, but I suspect I’ll eventually be able to summarize this data on a monthly or yearly basis, which come renewal time is huge.

What do you think?

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