Let’s decide this for “right now”

Let’s decide this for “right now”

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September 7, 2023
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Who here has struggled to get alignment on an internal decision? 👋

It’s hard. Analysis paralysis sets in, one meeting turns into multiple, and you end up taking zero action.

Here’s a tip.

Remind people that it’s not a forever decision.

It’s a decision for “right now”.

A bet you’re making for the next ~6 months.

At that point you can check back in and adjust if needed.

I’ve seen important decisions around positioning, homepage messaging, pitch decks, and user onboarding grind to a screeching halt because people can’t make a decision.

One thing that’s going to be super important → having an agreed upon way to gauge whether something is “working” or not.

So you’re talk track might be:

“Okay everyone, let’s remember this doesn’t mean we’re committing to this messaging forever. What if we tried it on our homepage for the next 3-6 months and see if there’s a lift in conversion rates?”

What do you think?