Let your customers differentiate your product for you

What’s one way to differentiate on your website?

Let your customers and community do the talking for you.

This is a great example from the Ahrefs website, specifically on their competitive comparison page, titled:

How is Ahrefs better than Semrush or Moz?

Smart move by Ahrefs to quickly set the stage by showing proof from multiple trusted communities in the SEO space.

I really like how they take exact screenshots from each poll to give it more credibility. Many of the polls also reference specific features or jobs to be done within the platform which also helps differentiate Ahrefs more specifically.

The page goes on to provide more detail and proof around why Ahrefs is uniquely differentiated from its competitors. They specifically list “8 unique things you can do with Ahrefs.”

Federico and I reviewed this terrific example in our latest episode of Compared to What where we talked all about three-way comparison pages.

Not an episode to miss since it also includes a super-handy tool to help build your SEO strategy using three-way comparison pages.

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