Lead by example

Great product marketers lead by example.

You can’t expect people to care about your work more than you.

If you’re not showing conviction, how can you expect them to?

🎯 Trying to get reps to use your new messaging?

➡️ Be the broken record, using it yourself in every conversation.

🎯 Trying to drive adoption of your new customer stories?

➡️ You need to tell them, constantly.

🎯 Can’t get your team to use the new battlecard?

➡️ Use it yourself. Reference it every chance you get and let people see.

🎯 Trying to get everyone involved in promoting your new launch?

➡️ Be the first to share your LinkedIn post draft.

➡️ And engage with every employee post on launch day.

Know that you won't always convince everyone, but many more will follow your lead.

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