Launching the PMM Productivity Hub

I’ve spent 18 months working on a personal project that I felt needed to exist

And today I’m pumped to finally share it with other product marketers

If you’re looking to better organize your work and be more productive - read on!

In a nutshell, it’s a Notion template you can use to create your own productivity system.

And it’s tailor-made for product marketers.

Your own PMM Productivity Hub ⚡️

A place for managing your projects, tasks, goals, collateral, swipe file, and more.

It also comes complete with resources and templates you can use to deliver great work, faster.

Why did I create it?

I’ve had the chance to chat with many product marketers over the last year, and they all struggle with the same things:

  • Juggling dozens of checklists, documents, and tools to manage their work
  • Fighting distractions caused by constant context switching
  • Reacting to requests vs focusing on priorities
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed

And with a major theme this year being “do more with less,” it’s only going to get worse.

On top of it all, product marketing is still a role that’s largely misunderstood within the organization. 😵‍💫

If you’ve followed me over the last year, you know I love sharing practical advice, productivity hacks, templates — anything that can help other PMMs be more productive.

It’s that mindset that led me to build this system.

My goal is to help other PMMs get better at organizing their work, staying on top of projects, prioritizing, communicating internally, and at the end of the day getting stuff done.

Which is why I love hearing early customer feedback like this 👇

“I'm so happy I found the PMM Productivity Hub before investing a ton of time into building our own. It had everything we wanted and didn’t know we needed. This would have taken a long time to figure out. We’re ahead by about two months already. It is also brilliant to share the overview with colleagues outside of marketing to give them a sense of what we're up to and what goes into our work. I love it!”

And it’s available now! You can follow the link in the comments to find out more and get your own PMM Productivity Hub!

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  • Check out the PMM Productivity Hub here 👉 productivepmm.com