Launching the PMM Productivity Hub

We’re just about one full week into 2023.

Any product marketers out there are already starting to feel overwhelmed? 👋

You’re not alone!

I’ve been working on a personal passion project that is just about ready to launch. Something that I hope will help.

You can sign up for the waitlist starting today 👇

In a nutshell, it’s a Notion template you can use to create your own productivity system that’s designed for product marketing.

Your own PMM Productivity Hub ⚡️

A place for managing your projects, tasks, goals, collateral, swipe file, and more. Also comes complete with resources and templates you can use to deliver great work, faster.

If you’ve followed me over the last year, you know I love sharing productivity hacks, tools, templates — anything that can help other PMMs be more productive.

It’s that way of thinking that lead me to build this system.

Matthew Reeves shared in a post yesterday that a top resolution this year for PMMs is to improve their focus and organization.

I can definitely believe that.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the flurry of requests and execution work you’re expected to deliver on.

When that happens, there’s little time to focus on bigger strategic projects and initiatives.

And with a major theme this year being “do more with less,” it’s only going to increase.

My goal with this system is to help other PMMs get better at organizing their work, staying on top of projects, prioritizing, communicating internally, and at the end of the day getting stuff done.

And I’m excited to share that it’s just about ready.

You can follow the link in the comments to find out more and join the waitlist.

And if you’re interested in getting your hands on this early and providing feedback, shoot me a DM or drop a note in the comments.

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  • Follow the link below to join the waitlist for the PMM Productivity Hub 👇 productivepmm.com