Last day for a discount

Last day for a discount

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October 11, 2023
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Hey PMMs 👋 

Our earlybird discount for Ready For Launch expires tonight!

Use the code “EARLYBIRD10” for 10% off.

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Tamara Grominsky and I just launched a cohort-based course to help run successful launches from start to finish.

It’s called Ready for Launch - The PMM's Guide to Product Launches 🚀

Together, we’ve managed dozens of product launches at companies like ClickUp, Unbounce, Klue, Kajabi, Chili Piper, Uberflip, and more. We’ve taken what we've learned and turned it into a course that we wish we had years ago.

Our first cohort starts on October 31. You’ll leave knowing how to apply each of these skills to managing a successful product launch:

➡️ Market & Competitive Research

➡️ Segmentation

➡️ Pricing & Packaging

➡️ Positioning

➡️ Launch Execution

➡️ Launch Enablement

➡️ Measurement & Optimization

You’ll also walk away with practical templates and frameworks, so you never need to start from zero again.

Get all the details and join here 👉