Klue's new Win-Loss Card

It’s not one person’s job to enable sellers with competitive insights and strategies. Peer-to-peer coaching is critical.

That’s why I’m pumped to share Klue's new Win-Loss Card — powered by our Salesforce integration.

There is so much potential for team collaboration on how to best approach competitive deals — what strategies help us win and what mistakes make us lose.

Win-Loss Cards give your sellers a real-time feed of your latest wins and losses against each competitor, so they can know who to turn to for help.

✅ Pull in any Opportunity field, like owner, company size, industry, and win-loss notes, so you have all the context you need around each deal.

✅ Include them in Battlecards and give your reps an internal map of who they can turn to for competitive strategies that worked, literally yesterday.

✅ Build multiple cards and filter each one to focus on specific deal characteristics, allowing you to build executive battlecards that break win-loss down by industry, segment, product line, and more.

PS. This is my first product release since joining the Klue team, so would love and appreciate any feedback, positive or constructive, on our messaging, landing page, creative, etc. 🙏