Klue Announces Triage Mode

Published Date
June 1, 2022

Exciting news for competitive teams using Klue!

Today we’re launching Triage Mode 🚀

The fastest way to review, prioritize, and curate competitive intel. Period. ⚡️

Watch the video for a short demo, or click the link in the comments to learn more 👇

Curation is a critical step in the competitive enablement process.

And it needs to be done by you — the competitive expert.

Reviewing and triaging competitive intel is what keeps your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in your market. And helps you become that competitive expert within your company.

But you can’t afford to spend hours each week reviewing intel.

Especially with everything else on your plate.

That’s why we created Triage Mode, to help make the process simple, fast, and even fun. Now you can hop into Klue each day and quickly triage your new intel in a few minutes.

Find the most important intel quickly and never miss urgent news.

The most important thing — you can spend more time enabling your org around the intel that matters most.

Here’s what Brad Lawless, one of our early access customers, had to say about it 👇

“For me, it’s all about time. Klue’s new Triage Mode allows me to get through news alerts quickly, knowing that I’ve still looked through everything. It lets me move on to the business of why we’re here - the analysis of key insights and how that shifts our competitive positioning.”

Click the link in the comments to learn more 👇