JTBD Interview Framework

JTBD Interview Framework

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September 14, 2023
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Working on Jobs to Be Done research, but not sure how to approach your interviews?

Here’s a FREE template you can use 👇

Brian Rhea is a JTBD expert who’s helped teams all over the world implement Jobs to Be Done. From GitLab and Name.com, to Lego and Minecraft.

He offered to create a JTBD interview template for the PMM Productivity Hub, but we decided to share it here for FREE as well 🎉

You can grab it in the comments 👇

So, what questions should you ask in a JTBD interview?

Brian breaks down 30+ potential interview questions that you can pick from to build your interview plan.

BUT, you should also be ready to throw them out and go where the customer takes you. The most important thing is to LISTEN.

So what can you expect to learn from JTBD interviews? Brian breaks his questions down into 6 different categories:

1️⃣ Job Context

↳ Gain high-level understanding of how the job is performed, including the steps, tools, and indicators of successful completion.

2️⃣ Pain Points and Challenges

↳ Identify the hurdles and difficulties encountered during the job execution, which can highlight areas for improvement or innovation.

3️⃣ Emotional Aspects

↳ Understand the emotional factors associated with the job, which can reveal insights into deeper motivations and potential areas to enhance user experience.

4️⃣ Social Aspects

↳ Explore the influence of social dynamics on the JTBD, which can reveal opportunities to foster collaboration, community engagement, and social validation in the solution development.

5️⃣ Desired Outcomes

↳ Uncover the expectations and aspirations of individuals regarding the job, which can guide the development of solutions that meet or exceed these expectations.

6️⃣ Differentiators

↳ Understand the unique factors that make a difference in how the job gets done, which can guide the creation of differentiated and value-added solutions.

Want the template? Look for Brian’s comment below 👇

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