Internal Social Proof

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March 13, 2023
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Remember β€” storytelling is useful for internal marketing too πŸ’ͺ

After all, you're trying to get people to change their behaviour.

πŸ™ To use a new slide,

πŸ™ say the new talk-track,

πŸ™ send that new case study,

πŸ™ adopt a new tool

We can't rely on people changing their behaviour because we asked them to.

They need to understand how it's going to help them.

Nothing crazy, just simple internal proof points, like:

"Here’s an recording of Alex using this slide and talk track last week and it really landing with a CEO"

"Kate has been using this cold email script for two weeks now and it’s converting at 20%"

"This business unit has been using these battlecards for the past 6 months and their win-rates are 20% higher than every other sales team in the org."

That's why running internal pilots can be so useful.

For example, at Chili Piper, we had a business development group called the Trail Blazers who focused on experimenting with new verticals and messaging before rolling it out to the broader BDR team.

So, when planning your next enablement session or rolling out a new piece of content, think about how you can use storytelling to sell it internally.

Any other examples I’m missing?

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